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Sauder Village Rug Hooking Camp 2015

My project for Sauder Village Rug Camp is a dog drawn by my grandson, Nick. It will be a stool cover.

Sunflower Garden Footstool Rug Hooking Pattern

Tweet +1 Share PinThis pattern is the most detailed of the sunflower footstool patterns. Use a small cut and bring out the details or stay with #6 – #8 and simply fill in the shapes with wonderful textures. This is a pattern you can adapt to your style. [clear] The fence edges do not line […]

Full color plan for Annie’s Scroll Stair riser

Tweet +1 Share Pin Background 1/2 yard Scraps for the flower 2 pieces for the scroll outline 3 pieces to fill the scroll scraps of white for the Queen Anne’s Lace [pattern_wool_qty] Tweet +1 Share Pin

Sauder Village 2013 – My class with Lucille Festa

Tweet +1 Share PinSome rug camps are more special than others. My week with Lucille was very special. I had a great roommate (Pam Alexander and I have been staying together at Sauder for the last 13 years), I had a great teacher, Lucille Festa, whom I consider a friend and I made a real […]

Choosing my pattern for Sauder Village rug hooking workshop with Lucille Festa

Pin32 Tweet Share +1Everyone goes to rug camp for different reasons. Some of us are coming to learn something new, others are looking forward to spending time with friends and still others are just running away from the pressures of home for a week. For me, my reasons involve a little of all three. When […]

Purple color scheme for Annie’s Flower Power footstool

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Pattern: Annie's Flower Power

Pin56 Tweet Share +1This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Pattern: Annie’s Flower PowerToday in class Pat Mensing shared with us her progress on Annie’s Flower Power footstool. She is hooking it for a member of her family. They both came to my studio a few weeks ago and picked out the […]

One Large Sunflower Footstool Rug Hooking Pattern

Tweet +1 Share PinSome like it complicated, but some like it simple and you can’t get much more simple than this footstool rug hooking pattern. Just one large sunflower and two crows. [clear] You could modify the shape of some of the petals as I did in the Crows and Sunflowers Footstool Pattern. Hook a […]

Sunflowers and Crows Footstool Pattern

Three sunflowers and four crows on a footstool rug hooking pattern.

Oak and Acorns: Color Planning this rughooking pattern

Tweet +1 Share PinI introduced this pattern this fall. Since then I’ve color planned it several times. As with anything you do often, you begin to see patterns. I decided to share the method I am using to color plan this pattern with you. You will need three pieces (3″ x 36″) of eight different […]

Oak and Acorns rug hooking pattern hooked by Karen Buchheit

Oak and Acorns, hooked by Karen Buchheit

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