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At the Beach by Lois Moore, Cedar Lakes 2009

I love being a part of rugs that mean something to the student. Lois wanted to hook a photo of her mother and uncle taken at the beach. I drew the pattern and dyed the flesh wool. She wanted to keep it small which in some ways made it more difficult, but with patience she […]


Manistee Rug Camp 2010

I had a wonderful time this year at the rug camp in Manistee, MI. I’ve taught there the last few years and this was the first time I had the experience as a student. My teacher was Tish Murphy who is a master at hooking faces, particularly those small enough for a pin. These are […]


Rug Hooking a face: Adding the sashing

Look at the lower part of her neck.  You can see by comparing it with the prior post that I ripped out some of it. I took about a 5″ wide piece of wool and sewed it on, right sides together, using the same method I use for finishing pillows.  You can read more about […]

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