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PRO Chem dyes are on sale for entire month: Oct 2015

Tweet1 +1 Share PinSee the coupon code below. This month you can get 10% off Washfast acid dyes by just ordering online. That is very close to the discount I can get from PRO Chem with a large order, vendor’s license and proof that I teach dyeing. The dyes rug hookers use to dye wool […]

A Fast Way to Dye Rug Hooking Wool

Tweet +1 Share PinYesterday you saw how my kitchen counter looks after several days of dyeing. Life often gets in the way so I have developed a method that helps me to get at least a batch or two done even on the busiest days. Tweet +1 Share Pin

Dyeing Rug Hooking Wool is Messy

Tweet +1 Share PinThis post is for Hilda in Olive Branch, MS. Hilda is thinking about getting into dyeing. I hope this does not scare you off, Hilda. Tweet +1 Share Pin

Dyeing Basics: The Science of Dyeing Wool for Rug Hooking

Tweet +1 Share PinI will have the dye pots out for the month of April. This is when I prepare for all the workshops I will be teaching the rest of the year. It’s not a perfect process and I will usually have to get them out again throughout the year, but only for specific […]

Measurements for Dyeing Made Easy

Tweet +1 Share PinNeed to double fractions or cut them in half or quarter for wool dye recipes? Try this easy method. I spent the weekend in Centerville, OH with my good friend, Sue Ellen Fox.  In the evening we got to talking about dyeing.  Measurements can be really confusing.  Make them simpler by using […]

Dye Methods: Marbelizing Wool

Tweet +1 Share PinAs promised yesterday, here is the information on the marbelizing method.  Follow this quick recipe: Place wool that you have rolled and twisted into a large pan. Cover with water. Add a healthy dose of soap.  I prefer Ivory dish soap, but laundry soap will work also.  Just be sure it does […]

Alaina helps me dye again

Tweet +1 Share Pin Here is Ally helping my get ready to dye today. The bottom picture is of Ally several years ago when she helped me test my dye book colors. Notice the difference in her height. She is officially taller than me. Tweet +1 Share Pin

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