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Seabee: Rug Hooking Pattern Development

I am preparing for knee surgery on Friday and since I cannot hook on the room-sized rug downstairs, I decided to start a smaller rug. My husband has hinted for years about a Seabee rug with his battalion’s logo. He had a digital copy of it and I printed it out. You can view the […]


Step 3: Flower Riot Progress

This is usually a step no one sees. My favorite design tools are scissors and tape. I printed out several copies of my preliminary design and cut them apart and re-assembled them. I now have an idea of the rough placement and I can individually adjust or redraw each flower. I may have to adjust […]


Step 2: Floral Rug Pattern Design Progress

Here’s the current status of the new floral design. I finally found my black design book and I am busily putting together ideas. I always start rough and refine over and over. The good: I like the busyness of rug and the very small areas of background. I know busy is not for everyone, but […]


Witchy Self Portrait?

When my husband saw this on my computer he asked if it was a self-portrait.  He was joking but I remember in art class that they always told us that the portraits we drew would look a bit like ourselves.  At least until we perfected the technique. I am far from perfect, but am I […]


Flower Riot Design in Progress

Not sure where this design is going, but I thought I would share it with you.   I keep a notebook of doodles and designs I see in fabric, nature or on buildings.  Right now, I cannot find that book.  I really think you cannot use both sides of the brain at once.  This week […]

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