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Backgrounds: Make Them Interesting

I’ve been intrigued lately by very primitive and free spirited backgrounds. Marte Bordeaux did this piece in punch needle, but it could make a great hooked piece also. What makes it a great background?  First of all you can clearly see the motif because the dark chicken and flower are outlined by a much lighter […]


Jackson as a Puppy Background

Once again, I am hooking frantically to get something done for the Sauder Village exhibit next week in Archbold, OH.  I wanted to check the background and the hind quarters of the dog.  I hooked some on Thursday but did the rest early this morning and this evening. I find one of the easiest ways […]


Lesson: Hook a bit here, then a bit there

Rug Hooked Footstool patterns. I hook a bit here and a bit there to get a feel for the pattern and to complete the background before I finish the motifs.

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