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PRO Chem dyes are on sale for entire month: Oct 2015

See the coupon code below. This month you can get 10% off Washfast acid dyes by just ordering online. That is very close to the discount I can get from PRO Chem with a large order, vendor’s license and proof that I teach dyeing. The dyes rug hookers use to dye wool are Wash Fast […]

At the Beach by Lois Moore, Cedar Lakes 2009

I love being a part of rugs that mean something to the student. Lois wanted to hook a photo of her mother and uncle taken at the beach. I drew the pattern and dyed the flesh wool. She wanted to keep it small which in some ways made it more difficult, but with patience she […]

Ann Arundel Rose Stair Riser

Margaret Woody of Edgewater, MD sent me the following email: I still need to press Anne Arundel Rose and sew a label on the back, but here it is. I’m going to put it on an antique table on my porch where I do my hooking. I am so pleased with how it turned out […]

Backgrounds: Make Them Interesting

I’ve been intrigued lately by very primitive and free spirited backgrounds. Marte Bordeaux did this piece in punch needle, but it could make a great hooked piece also. What makes it a great background?  First of all you can clearly see the motif because the dark chicken and flower are outlined by a much lighter […]

Conquest of Queen Anne by Janet Watson

Here’s another rug I got to see at Sauder Village.  Janet was stuck on the hit and miss border.  I hope the few tips I gave her will spur her on. Use your scrap bag, not just the colors from the center Be sure add neutrals Hook a crooked line every few inches and then […]

Manistee Rug Camp 2010

I had a wonderful time this year at the rug camp in Manistee, MI. I’ve taught there the last few years and this was the first time I had the experience as a student. My teacher was Tish Murphy who is a master at hooking faces, particularly those small enough for a pin. These are […]

Seabee: Flag completed and some lettering started

I needed to simply hook yesterday so I finished the flag.  I am happy with those colors.  For those of you curious, I am using the following wools for the flag: [store id=43] White: W27, not on the website yet, but available as of the date of this posting. Blue: Some prepared pieces available ($3.00 […]

Seabee: Color Adjustment

I’ve hooked in the initial colors I chose. Find out how they worked out.

Seabee: Rug Hooking Pattern Development

I am preparing for knee surgery on Friday and since I cannot hook on the room-sized rug downstairs, I decided to start a smaller rug. My husband has hinted for years about a Seabee rug with his battalion’s logo. He had a digital copy of it and I printed it out. You can view the […]

Day 902 Border Progress on Room-sized Hooked Rug

I’ve made some progress today on the border. I did a chunk of the hit and miss and filled in the background in the area between two of the border flowers. I did add my first name in cursive. You can only see it if you are looking for it, but it adds interest to […]

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