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A most unusual rug slide show

Enjoy this animated rug show from the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild. Not your usual slide show. I wonder what my rugs would look like animated like this? They really come to life. The show is created by their webmaster, Maria Romero. Thanks for the permission to share this, Maria! Christmas and Winter Celebration from Beaconsfield […]

Subway art in NYC is a lot like rughooking

View some subway art I saw in the subway tunnels. There is a rug design brewing in those images. Now I just have to get rughooking.

Rug Hook a Luggage Tag

I received the new Isabella catalog today in the mail. It has stuff for tea, the bath and neat jewelry. Not sure how I started getting it, but I always flip through it even though I don’t buy much. As I was flipping, I saw some embroidered luggage tags. What a neat adaptation for the […]

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