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Rug Hooking Rules: What you MUST do

Ready for some rug hooking rules? Just one: Do what you think is right. It really is just that simple. This is an art form. Does the painter get criticized about how the brush is held? Do people turn the work over to check the back? NO! Give yourself permission to be a little “wrong.” […]


Do you fuss over making your loops perfect? Don’t!

Don’t fuss over perfect loops. The imperfection is what creates art.


The big rug hooking question: Should I outline or not?

A dark outline can really set off your motifs. You may even need a second outline in a different value. See the examples.


How to *not* rug hook evenly

Perfectly formed loops for your hooked rugs is not always the best choice. Sometimes crooked is more beautiful.


Hooked Rug Gallery: Beginner Square

The beginner square is the ideal beginner rug hooking project.


How Important is Hooking Technique?

Kelly, a past student, had an email question about hooking techniques.  I will explain more over the next couple of posts. First, I view hooking technique as a way to make hooking easier on your body.  I am not worried about how the loops look.  In fact, most of hooked rugs I admire have loops […]


Rug Hooking an Interesting Background

This entry is part 11 of 13 in the series Woman with Baby

Hook an interesting background using small circles and spot dyed wool so that it looks like distant foliage.


My favorite backing: rug warp

Sheri’s question: Hi Cindi, what’s the difference in rug warp and say primitive linen. That’s what I usually hook on but it’s so darned expensive. I use an 8, 8.5 and 9 cut. I am also experimenting with monks cloth. It’s not too bad and a lot cheaper than linen. And where do you get […]


Day 434 Background

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A close look at how I hook background with the wool I call Antique Background.

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