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Have cindigayrughooking.com on your ipad at your fingertips

If you use your ipad as I do, you often grab it when you only have a minute or two available. Who wants to wait for Safari to load and then enter a website address? Get one click access to any website. Of course, I’m hoping the first one you add is mine. Steps to […]


The perfect kitchen timer for dyeing wool

A great ipad app for timing your wool dyeing. It has a timer for each burner and then some.


10 great reasons to get an iPad if you are a rug hooker

My list of favorite apps and accessories for the ipad for 2011.


Improving your Rug Photographs using Photoshop

Follow these steps to square up your rug photos.


Make the Text Larger so You Can See It

Did you know that if you have trouble seeing your computer screen, you can make the text larger? Hold down the control button (command on a mac) and press the + button. On my keyboard the + is in the upper right hand corner next to the backspace button. Every time you press control + […]

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