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Get help hooking your pictorial hooked rugs – New edition

Are you struggling while rug hooking pictorial rugs? ┬áThis book can help. Some of you picked up the book when it was available for the first time at Sauder Village in August 2015. ┬áMany of you found it on the website, but I’ve never announced that it was available … until now. The book more […]


Celebrations XXI: Sally Kerr is the Cover Girl!

Sally Kerr told me some months ago that her rug was chosen to appear in Celebrations XXI. I just found out it is the cover! Sally and her cousin, Judy, have been in my class several times at various workshops. A few years ago we were in Ligonier, PA. Sally wanted to hook Van Gogh’s […]


Drawing and Creativity: You Can Do It!

On the new year, many people make resolutions to improve some aspect of their lives. Is yours about drawing and becoming more creative? It’s not just something you are born with, it is something you can learn. You can learn to be creative by doing exercises just as physical exercise improves your muscles, creative exercises […]


Great Books for Rug Hooking Pattern Designers

What do you do when you are hungry and don’t know what to eat? If you do what I do, you open the fridge and look around. When you are stuck for inspiration on what to rug hook, try some of these inspirational design books. I think the designs are fresher and cleaner than those […]


Geometric Hooked Rugs by Gail Dufresne

This book is thicker than some of the Rug Hooking Framework Series books. So right off the bat it feels like a value. The first thing I do is flip through the book looking at the pictures. With some books, that is where it ends. With this book, I could not wait to read the […]


Pictorial Basics: Pine Trees, Grass and Sky

The perfect wool to hook sky: If you have any questions or comments about this product, please leave a message below or send me an email via the Contact Me page. Here are some samples from student’s who hooked their pine trees using my method:

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