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The IKEA pattern is ready

Well, at least one is. Visit rugcamp.com to buy a downloadable pattern now. Once you print it out (already at the perfect size) just tape it together. Transfer it to backing and start hooking. The course is incomplete, but during the next few weeks I’ll be adding instructions that you can print out and videos […]


New rug hooked footstool designs based on IKEA stool

These patterns are not available yet. I will notify you using my email newsletter, so be sure you are a current subscriber. See the sign up box below. Hooking a footstool is easy. Getting the footstool body built and padded is the most common obstacle. And then you need to find the feet, and probably […]


Get help hooking your pictorial hooked rugs – New edition

Are you struggling while rug hooking pictorial rugs? ┬áThis book can help. Some of you picked up the book when it was available for the first time at Sauder Village in August 2015. ┬áMany of you found it on the website, but I’ve never announced that it was available … until now. The book more […]

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