Get help hooking your pictorial hooked rugs – New edition

Are you struggling while rug hooking pictorial rugs? ┬áThis book can help. Some of you picked up the book when it was available for the first time at Sauder Village in August 2015. ┬áMany of you found it on the website, but I’ve never announced that it was available … until now. The book more […]


PRO Chem dyes are on sale for entire month: Oct 2015

See the coupon code below. This month you can get 10% off Washfast acid dyes by just ordering online. That is very close to the discount I can get from PRO Chem with a large order, vendor’s license and proof that I teach dyeing. The dyes rug hookers use to dye wool are Wash Fast […]


Sauder Village Rug Hooking Camp 2015

My project for Sauder Village Rug Camp is a dog drawn by my grandson, Nick. It will be a stool cover.

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