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Sauder Village Rug Hooking Camp 2015

Everyone taking photos of the class rugs on the floor.

Everyone taking photos of the class rugs on the floor.

I had a great time last week at one of my favorite places, Sauder Village Rug Hooking Camp. My teacher for the week was Jayne Hester. I have taught with Jayne at rug camps before but this was the first time I got to spend all week with her as a student. I can now walk a bit closer to the primitive drab side.

My project was a stool cover for an IKEA stool called Nils. In the store I was able to buy it without a cover and the price was $10 cheaper. Since I was making the cover, I was thrilled that I could get the stool alone.

Developing the rug hooking pattern

Drawing of Jaksin by Jacob SilerI started with this artwork from my grandson. He drew it about 8 years ago when Jackson was a puppy. I thought it would be perfect for the stool especially since I needed an animal pattern for Jayne’s class.

jaksin patternI worked up the footstool pattern (more info on that in a later post), lived with it for a few days, made adjustments and then transferred it to my prefered backing, rug warp using red dot.

Now I just needed a bunch of neutrals. I tucked in a few pieces of color. Luckily, Jayne did not restrict us to just neutrals and the class used a wide spectrum of colors, some quite vibrant.

Rug Hooking Progress

Day 1, about 2:00 in the afternoon

Day 1, about 2:00 in the afternoon

Jayne taught the first day the same way I do. She invited everyone to gather around while she worked through the rugs. I did not get much hooked because I wanted to see and hear what she said about everyone’s rugs.

Close up of rug hooking project at Sauder Village by Cindi Gay

Rug hooking project at Sauder Village, hooked by Cindi GayOn Wednesday I had a book signing for my books. I did not spend much time in class so here is the progress from Day 3. I tried a geometric pattern (see the final image) and flowers and chose the flowers. I winged it and sketched them lightly as I worked my way across the edge.

Day 4 rug hooking progress for rug hooked stool coverI finally know where the rug is going. I usually need about 25% of the rug hooked until I find my stride. Jayne suggested the lines in the background. After I had a piece of the border hooked, I was brain storming on how to meld the straight lines into the border. Jayne suggested a ray. I drew it on the pattern and it worked. Jack looks like Super Dog.

I’m skimming over the footstool pattern development for now. I’ll write more detail later. I want to be sure everything works before I describe what I did.

Did you attend Sauder Village? Leave your comments below


Rug Hooking Studio Open House and Hook-in: June 12, 2015

UPDATE: Instructions for those of you coming down I-75 from Michigan. Your GPS will probably have you come down I-75 to Rte 6 just south of Bowling Green. The area from Perrysburg to Bowling Green is all construction and often clogged with traffic. Get off at Perrysburg, I-20. Head east toward the stores. Turn south or right at Walgreens onto Thompson Rd. At 5 Points Road turn right. At McCutchenville Rd or Rte 199 turn left. Take that south for several miles until you cross Rte 6. Take the very first right onto Linwood. The road will twist and turn. As you pass a beautiful 3 story brick Victorian home, notice the white house that appears to be ahead in the road. That is me.

Once you get off I-75 your GPS will probably update and feed you the instructions above. If you get stuck, just call me at 419-287-3884. I’ll give you directions from where you are if you need them.

Cindi Gay Rug Hooking Signature

new house

We’ve been in the process of moving for almost 2 years. We bought a house that needed top to bottom remodeling. We moved into that house (with incomplete construction) in September 2014. Most of the wool boxes have been unpacked and I’ve had several classes. I’m ready to share the new rug hooking studio with everyone.

Hook-in at my Pemberville, OH studio

2015 rug hooking open houseThis will be a very informal event. Bring your own lunch. I’ll have water, tea and coffee. Stop by to shop or come all day and sit and hook. I’d love to see you. The wool will be on sale. Some items will be on clearance.

If you work and cannot attend on Friday, just give me a call to confirm I’ll be home and I’d love to have you visit when it is convenient for you.

  • Hours: 9am – 3pm
  • Address: 6988 Linwood Rd., Pemberville, OH. I’m just south of Rte. 6 and a few miles east of I-75.
  • As long as time permits, I will be available for consultations. So if you are stuck or unsure about a rug you are working on, bring it along and I’d be happy to share some advice.
  • Consider bringing a chair if you are staying to hook. I have enough chairs for 14 people which may be plenty – it depends on how many people show up.
  • To help me prepare, please leave a comment if you are planning on coming, but no reservation is necessary. I’ll have a small gift waiting for everyone who leaves a comment.
  • This is a free event.
Ready to rug hook in the new studio in Pemberville, OH

Wool and rug hooking in the same room and all on the first floor just inside the front door

On the right is an entire wall of as-is off the bolt wall. The wool is all cut into 1 yard pieces so it is quick and simple to pick up the wool of your dreams.

I wash the wool I use to rug hook here.

The is the work center of the studio. Coffee along the wall keeps me going as I color plan on the large work surface.

I still need to figure out a way to hang the antique ironing board. There will be shelving installed in between the two cabinets over the washer and dryer and a counter over both machines.

The work table is made with three Kallax units from IKEA. The one on the end has two drawer units. Two units are back to back and the third faces outward. I used the top from my drafting board as a top.

You can rug hook anything with this supply of wool

Wall of rug hooking wool, ready to hook

This wall has all the wool that is ready to hook. I sell the wool by the strip or 1/16 yard. Why buy a 1/4 yard when you only need a small amount? If you need more, just buy multiple strips.

The step stool is also from IKEA. This is a new one. I’ve had one for years but I am using that one in the kitchen. It’s worked so well for me that it was a simple solution to get another. I bought the unfinished one. I’m still thinking about how I want to finish this one.

The adorable little rug (lower left in the image above) with 6 women was made for me by my studio students as a house warming gift. Each person hooked themselves and each one reflects their personality. I am honored to have these friends who happen to be students in my life.

Use these wools to rug hook

Textured wools for rug hooking

textured wool for rug hooking

More textured wools

I only display a maximum of 4 yards of each texture in this space. The remainder of the bolt is stored in another part of the house.

entry to the rug hooking studio

Entry to the rug hooking studio

The door on the left is the door to the outside. The next one is the door to the rest of the house and the wonderful sliding door is the entry to the rest room.

Jackson in the rug hooking studio in Pemberville, OH

Even Jackson wants to rug hook

This is my dog, Jackson. He thinks the only reason I get out the camera is to take a photo of him.

I hope you can join me June 12, 2014! Leave a comment below to RSVP. I’ll have your small gift ready for you. One gift per comment.


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