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Rug Hooking Studio Open House and Hook-in

Rug Hooking Studio Open House and Hook-in

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What are you looking for in a rug hooking website?

What are you looking for in a rug hooking website?

It's that time of year for me - when I take a close look at my website, clean some things up and add[...]
Acadian Rug Hooking Frame

Acadian Rug Hooking Frame

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How to build and finish your rug hooked footstool
How to finish your rug using a whipped edge
How to use strip sorters *click on the tab on this page
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rughooking pictorial Village of Pemberville by Cindi Gay

What is rug hooking?

Rug hooking is the technique of taking strips of wool and pulling them through a woven base, creating a beautiful pattern.  Rug hooking is one of America’s oldest folk arts and is a very easy concept to learn.  Although easy, most rug hookers are continually learning new concepts and techniques.

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Make your own rug hooked footstool

Annie's Flower Power rug hooked footstool by Cindi Gay
I have several rug hooking footstool patterns available. I am posting complete instructions (videos are still being edited) on how to build your own using simple 2x4s, plywood and foam. There is a complete cutting diagram for the wood and the foam. I also have instructions on how to finish your hooking so you can complete your rug hooked footstool.
Here are the list of instructions available so far:
  1. Footstool Construction Material List
  2. Footstool Feet - Where to Get Them
  3. Footstool Feet - Staining
  4. Build the Box
  5. Adding the foam
  6. Preparing the Backing
  7. Sewing up the Sides
  8. Upholstery and Finishing Touches

These instructions are still a rough draft. If you have any questions be sure to ask. I will be adding the videos and updates as I can. Be sure to visit again before you dig into your project so you have the latest information. A PDF with all the instructions in one place will be available for download once I have everything written up and finalized. It is not ready yet.

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Strip Sorters

trip sorter organizer by Cindi Gay

Organize your rug hooking strips

Get your rug hooking strips organized. Watch a video on how to use them.

Roomsized hand hooked rug by Cindi GayRead about the progress of this rug from Day 1.

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Cindi Gay, rug hooking artist and teacher

Cindi Gay rug hooking with Gladys the bulldogAfter 14 years teaching on the road, I am taking  a full year off from traveling.  I am still teaching.  Set up a class at the new studio or just stop by to shop for that perfect wool for your new project.

I live in farm country south of the Ohio Turnpike and east of I-75 in Northwest Ohio. Call to make an appointment to stop by if you are traveling in the area.  Use your GPS to get to 6988 Linwood Rd., Pemberville, OH or call for directions from your area.

This is a picture of me with Gladys, Sue Ellen Fox’s English bulldog. She was snuggling down into my bag of scraps – one of her favorite pastimes when rug hookers are around.