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Rug Hooking Supplies

rughooking pictorial Village of Pemberville by Cindi Gay

What is rug hooking?

It is much more than just a rag rug.  Rug hooking is the technique of taking strips of wool and pulling them through a woven base, creating a beautiful pattern.  Wool is a fiber that does not absorb moisture and stays clean naturally.

Rug hooking is one of America’s oldest folk arts and is a very easy concept to learn.  Although easy, most rug hookers are continually learning new concepts and techniques.  I can teach anyone to rug hook.  All it takes is a hook, backing, some scraps of wool and the willingness to try.

To learn more about rug hooking:

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Cindi Gay, rug hooking artist and teacher

Cindi Gay rug hooking with Gladys the bulldog

This is a picture of me with Gladys, Sue Ellen Fox’s English bulldog. She was snuggling down into my bag of scraps – one of her favorite pastimes when rug hookers are around.

You can rug hook anything with this supply of wool

Wall of ready to hook rug hooking wool. This is only one wall of the studio. I probably have just what you need!

After teaching on the road since 2004, I am taking  a full year off from traveling.  I am still teaching at home.  Set up a class at the new studio or just stop by to shop for that perfect wool for your new project.

I live in farm country south of the Ohio Turnpike and east of I-75 in Northwest Ohio. Call to make an appointment to stop by if you are traveling in the area.  Use your GPS to get to 6988 Linwood Rd., Pemberville, OH or call for directions from your area.

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